Lift Truck Rental Joliet IL

Forklift being moved in the air You do not necessarily need to own a lift truck for your business in Joliet, IL. There are companies that offer Illinois forklift rentals like Midway Industrial. Our company has several kinds of lift trucks available to our clients. You can rent our durable machines, batteries, and battery chargers for competitive yearly, monthly and daily rental rates. We sell, rent out, maintain and repair lift trucks. All that you need for lifts is here!

What Are the Benefits of Renting Lift Trucks

Why is it a good idea to rent lift trucks? There are many reasons why and the benefits actually depend on your business. To give you an overview of the various factors to consider, here are some benefits of renting lift trucks:
  • Has Flexible Terms
You can talk to the lift truck rental company for the details of the agreement. When you opt for rent, the lift truck rental company may give you a good lift truck rental agreement. Inform them regarding forklift features that you might need. You can discuss insurance, maintenance, and other factors. Additionally, short-term rent fee can be hourly, monthly, or tailored to your needs.
  • Have Well-Maintained Lift Trucks
When you rent lift trucks, you would not have to worry about maintenance and repairs because the lift truck rental company takes care of that. Their technicians make sure that the lift trucks work well before delivering it to their clients. There will be no pause or problems in your business operation due to faulty lift trucks.
  • Eliminate Big Expenses
Aside from the heavy capital expense when you buy your own lift trucks, you would also need to handle maintenance and repair costs. That will greatly affect your business if you had repair problems. If you choose to rent lift trucks, you would have lower expenses on lift trucks. Maintenance, repairs, and replacements will be handled by the lift truck rental company.
  • Reduce Taxable Income
Lift truck rental costs are part of the operating expense of your business which makes it tax deductible. You can reduce your tax liability by renting lift trucks in Joliet, IL. You can ask your accountant to check if buying lift trucks or renting is more cost-efficient.
  • Maintain OSHA Compliance
We can also assure you that our lift trucks are safe for your business in Joliet, IL. Lift truck rental companies undergo the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection to check their health standards and work safety. Lift trucks that are for rent undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the machines are good and running.
  • Utilize Equipment Efficiently
You can try using different kinds of lift trucks for your company in Joliet, IL. You can ask for another type of lift when there are changes in business plans instead of being stuck with just one kind. Aside from that, if you only use lift trucks in peak seasons, you can have a short-term rent and lessen your expenses. There are hourly lift truck rental rates if you only need lift trucks for eight hours in a day.
  • Free Space in Your Worksite
You can return the lift trucks after renting them which saves space. You can also rent the lift trucks for months, and not worry about disposing of it because the lift truck rental company will take the lift trucks back to their warehouse. The extra space at your business can be used for storage or another purpose.
  • Plan for Your Business in Joliet, IL
There will be no additional cost on maintenance or repairs on your lift trucks. Lift truck rental companies handle malfunctions or breakdown of lifts. You can have more capital and invest in other items that you need in your business in Joliet, IL. Aside from this, you can plan better because your rent would be constant

When Is It Better to Rent or to Buy?

If you are planning on purchasing units, you should consider how often you will need them. Does your company always use lift trucks or just rarely? If you use them more than 50% of the time which means it is necessary for your daily operations, then buying your own lift trucks may be ideal for your business in Joliet, IL. Rental fees may cost you more over time if you constantly rent them. Additionally, if you need a unique kind of truck for your business, buying is better. Rental companies have machines that are often used by companies. You may be asked to buy custom-made items, like intermediate masts, for the trucks to fit your needs. Aside from these, you may need a truck with specific requirements like lift and door heights, or turning radius.

Choose Midway Industrial

Our company consists of skilled individuals ready to guide you through renting lift trucks in Joliet, IL. Our group of expert technicians can deliver the lift trucks you need. We have over 150 rental trucks available for your business. Our machines are OSHA compliant with full inspection, so you do not need to worry about safety. Along with this, we deliver our reliable and well-maintained lift trucks on time. Midway Industrial offers different options for our clients in Joliet, IL. We have purchase plans at daily, weekly, monthly, and extended rates. Apart from these, maintenance of lift trucks is also included in the rent. We have a variety of industrial machines, so you can choose from bucket trucks to pallet trucks. Call Now to Request a Quote!