Forklift Rental Dekalib IL

Forklift Rental Dekalib Il

A forklift is an equipment that is very valuable for every manufacturing facility or warehouse. It is a tool that is useful for moving and organizing packaging materials.

Dekalb-based Midway Industrial is an equipment rental company that offers rental forklifts to businesses in diverse industries. To maintain safety for its clients who rent equipment, the company makes sure to inform them about proper maintenance tips, particularly for rental forklifts. These may include:

Checking the Forklift Every Day

Before using the forklift, it is always important to inspect its components, including hoses, tire pressure, seatbelt, fluid levels, forks and overhead guards, and brakes. This is to avoid accidents by detecting faults in the rental equipment as early as possible. Coming up with a checklist is highly advisable and can help operators to remember what equipment parts to inspect before driving.

Adhering to Rent Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Most equipment rentals companies provide a schedule of maintenance check for their clients’ rented forklifts. Depending on which comes first, the date of inspection may be set based on the number of days or the number of mileages the machine had run. Among the tasks that will be performed on the equipment are: oil change, tire pressure check, fluid and filter replacement, spark plug replacement, and drive train servicing.

Maintaining the Rent Equipment Clean

Dirt and debris buildup can cause unnecessary damage to the forklift. This is the reason why cleaning it on a regular basis is highly advisable. Not only can it improve the aesthetic look of the equipment, but it can also increase safety. Some parts to be checked specifically are the radiator and the filters.

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