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Forklifts are useful tools in storage areas wherein you need to organize and move materials over short distances from time to time. At Midway Industrial, a Chicago rentals company, we offer rental forklifts for your moving needs. We make sure that the equipment we’ll provide you is well-maintained and safe. Nevertheless, to ensure that no accidents will happen, businesses using forklifts should take note of these tips:

Working forklift

Only Allow Qualified Operators to Use the Forklift Equipment

Not everyone can operate a forklift. Operators who would be using the machine should undergo special trainings. Businesses should require that their operators obtain license for security and safety purposes.

Require Forklift Operators to Wear Proper Clothing

Wearing proper clothing will help ensure the safety of the person operating a forklift. Usually, baggy or loose clothing poses a danger of interfering with the machine’s moving parts, causing injuries on the operator. It is important to require operators to wear reasonably fitted clothing or uniform, as well as a hard hat, safety shoes, and a hi-visibility jacket.

Examine the Equipment Before Use

Before we deliver our Illinois forklifts to our clients, we make sure that the equipment is properly maintained and free from damage. Nonetheless, operators are still encouraged to examine their equipment before use. Checking for faults on parts like tires, breaks and steering is highly encouraged. It will only take a few minutes, but it can increase safety for the operator’s part.

If damage is detected, the rent forklift should not be used. The manager should also report it immediately to our rental forklift company.

Observe Safety Precautions When Starting the Forklift

Building safety habits is also a good way to ensure safety. Such habits like observing proper seating position and side mirror angle and fastening seatbelt should be developed by every operator. Creating a checklist of every safety procedure can be a good starting point.

Read Signs and Warnings

The place wherein the rental forklift will be operated is another huge factor when it comes to safety. For this reason, operators should be encouraged to avoid any hazard that may cause unnecessary accidents. It is important to have some visible work site rules and guidelines to ensure safe driving. Posting signs for maximum permitted floor loadings and clearance heights is also a good addition.

Observe Recommended Speed

At our forklift rental Chicago company, we ensure to remind our clients of the recommended speed for their operators. This is applicable particularly for short turns at tight corners. Going at the recommended speed can help avoid accidents like tipping or collisions.

Beware of Potential Hazards

The area wherein the forklift is operated can present several hazards. Uneven and slippery grounds, as well as any ground object, should be avoided. It is also important to take caution when turning on blind corners or curves. Blowing horns would alert anyone standing on the forklift’s way. Moreover, always maintain proper distance from other equipment and make sure to give distance allowance when breaking.

Secure the Load of the Forklift

Before moving the forklift, the operator should ensure that its load is stable. Ensuring that it is well-secured is paramount to safety, as any unnecessary fall will cause huge damage to materials or injuries to people on site. This is the reason why in our forklift rentals, we make sure to specify the maximum amount of loads our equipment can carry.

Exercise Caution in Low Visibility Conditions

When driving forklifts, there are times wherein it is necessary for the operator to drive in reverse. This is particularly true for instances wherein the load is huge and blocking the front view. Nonetheless, this can’t be done when moving up in ramps. Asking a lookout helper for assistance can be great help.

Use Forklifts Exclusively for Carrying Loads

In our Chicago forklift renting company, we always remind our clients to avoid using the equipment for purpose other than carrying and moving loads. For instances that it is necessary to use it to lift a person, we advise to make sure to use a securely attached platform and cage. Following appropriate operating instruction is also imperative.

Avoid Overloading Your Forklifts

Putting too much weight on forklifts can pose danger to the operator and even people nearby. As much as possible, go only with recommended weight listed on the operating manual. When not sure, it is highly advisable to contact your rental forklifts supplier for support.

We Offer Renting Services

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